Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Romantic Steak Dinner for under $25!

I have been trying to do my part in keeping the economy afloat, by continuing to eat out and of course I am still going shopping (even if it is just grocery shopping). It does seem that I am one of the few though, and this does not seem fair! So this blog is all about a recession style romantic dinner.

The menu at Casa De Negro Y Blanca for this evening is as follows:

Choice of Boneless New York Strip or Boneless Ribeye
seasoned with Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper
grilled to a perfect medium rare.
(There will be an extra charge if you want yours well done, we do NOT eat steak well done!)

On The Side Steamed Artichoke
halved and De-choked
served with a choice of Citrus Bur Blanc or a Citrus Aoli

Wine Pairing

North coast

Winemaker Notes
This deep, cherry red Zinfandel exhibits intense aromas of blueberry, loganberry and baking spices with undertones of black pepper, juicy blackberry and plum flavors and supple tannins, bold, fruit-forward wine with cracked black pepper notes on the soft finish.

The Breakdown:

I chose the Ribeye for its great marbling, making this steak very flavorful, juicy and tender. the cost $5.59 on sale at Frys Marketplace.

My handsome dinner date chose (well I chose for him) the New York strip. Mostly because it is his favorite, also having lots of flavor. This particular one was not as marbled as we would have liked, I will do better next time. Price $6.22 (Also on sale at Frys Market Place)

The Artichokes were $2 each from Sprouts Farmers Market (they have the best tasting artichokes I have found, and the cheapest)

Sauces when all said and done cost under a $1.

The Kicker is usually the wine, This Fantastic Zinfandel usually runs $14-$16. Today it is on sale (at Frys Marketplace of course) for $7.99! And when you buy 6 bottles of wine you get 10% off of that! SCORE!

That makes dinner for two $24.81! (give or take a few cents) If you had this meal at a steak restaurant it would most likely run you two or three times that amount! Not including the tip. This also saves you from any worry about drinking a bottle of wine and then driving home.

So you see there is no reason romance needs to be as depressed as the economy, go ahead light some candles, pour yourself and your honey a glass of wine and Bon Appetite!

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