Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now that is how you do a Bloody Mary!

For those of you who are...Particular about your Bloody, I have three words for you...Bloody-Mary-Bar. It is like a salad bar, only with vodka! There happens to be at least one establishment in my town that has one of these every Sunday. The key to a good Bloody Mary bar is Variety! There should be many kinds of pickled or spiced vegetables, hot sauces, mix and juice choices, lemons and limes, and of course seasonings. And to those establishments who have seen the light and provide a make your own Bloody Mary Bar, keep it well stocked! There is nothing worse that an empty Bloody Mary Bar.

If you have not ever experienced a Bloody Mary bar, this is how it works; you get a glass of ice with a shot...or two of vodka in it from your bartender. Some places even have mini pitchers! Then make magic with the ingredients on the Bloody buffet! The only problem I have come across is trying to fit everything I want into the glass!

For an even higher quality Bloody Mary ask for Absolute Peppar...Smooth and peppery.

This is how I made my Bloody, feel free to customize and make it your own.

A couple dashes of Worcestershire sauce
A few dashes of hot sauce ( like Tabasco)
salt and pepper
celery salt
two lime wedges squeezed and discarded
one lemon wedge squeezed and discarded
1/2 Clamato juice
1/2 V8 juice
a dash of olive juice

Now is the tricky part...mix this without spilling! To garnish add a pickle spear and a peppercini, maybe an olive or two and if they have it spicy asparagus...I know, you almost need a separate glass just for garnish! Who needs breakfast with a drink like this!



  1. Oh my God, I don't know if I'm hungry or thirsty! I shouldn't read your blog when hungry.

  2. Bloody Mary Bar? I am SO there. I'll take an extra squeeze of both lemon and lime in mine ... and all of your chosen garnishes to boot. Yum!

  3. A liquid diet I am told is the way to go! Its veggie juice after all! Extra lemon and lime is how I roll!

  4. Where is this Bloody Mary bar? Inquiring minds want to know!