Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For the first twenty seven years of my life I spent anywhere from a week to two months on a beach in southern California. Yes it was wonderful, and every evening was spent with family cooking eating drinking and watching the sun set over the Pacific ocean.
This is where I discovered that unlike most Grandmothers, who bake cookies and cakes for their grand children, my Grandmother made the BEST guacamole! Baking was not her strong suite and no we are not even the slightest bit Hispanic, but that didn't slow us down in the consumption and creating of great Mexican dishes!
On those evenings at the beach, no matter how much guacamole was made it would be devoured in about five minutes! If there were kids around...and there always were, it could go even faster!

This is where my love of the Avocado in all its forms started, on a beach in southern California.

Grandmas Guacamole: Single serving

Now I don't measure anything...and not sure my grandmother really does either...(this could explain our lack of baking skills) So this is the best I can do!

1 Ripe Avocado smashed in a bowl with a fork

1 small garlic clove smashed with the side of a

knife into paste (sprinkle with kosher salt and it speeds up the process)

SMALL dash of Worcestershire sauce

juice of half of a lime
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all this together in a bowl, get some corn tortilla chips and go at it!

This is a simple and delicious guacamole! I know some of you (yes you!) like to add hot sauce, onion, tomato...I have even added shredded cheese on occasion. But I have learned to appreciate the guacamole that actually tastes like avocado!

Other great ways to eat an avocado!

Simply with lemon juice and salt sprinkled on top. I like to cut it into bite size cubes right in the skin and eat it with a spoon.

There is nothing like a turkey and Avocado sandwich, A little mayonnaise salt and pepper, yum. Make it even better with some Havarti cheese slices or even cream cheese...Oh yeah!

These are of course only a few suggestions of things you can do with an Avocado, the possibilities are endless.

Nothing says Southern California like an Avocado!

So go out there and get you some Avocados while they are ripe and on sale (Fry's $1 each) and make something delicious!

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