Saturday, September 26, 2009


Dear friends and followers:
I am not sure what my excuse is for not being here the past couple weeks...Could be the heat, or the fact that after all my vacations I am now on a diet of not so exciting food. Or that my Diva Mom and I have taken up spinning class and it has tortured me into a non creative stupor...

What ever it is I am sorry that I have been slacking and I hope to be back at it soon! Please don't give up on me yet, soon it will be time for good food and fun. That is if the Temperatures outside could ever stay under 100 degrees, and the scale starts to cooperate with me.

See you soon!

The Wino

Monday, September 7, 2009

Always watching for The Green Flash!

For those of you who don't know, a Green Flash is a rare phenomenon that happens when the upper lip of the sun meats the horizon over the ocean. It is some sort of atmospheric flash. Of course when you spend your evening watching for it, you tend to be staring at the sun for so long that when the sun does disappear its hard to tell if its a green flash or just a green dot that floats in your vision long after the sunset has passed.

Since I grew up going to the beach in Southern California I have spent many evening watching for the Green Flash, now its more of a tradition. I have yet to say if I have actually seen it ever!
I have now discovered a Green Flash that is easy to see, has Wine and great Prime Rib!

701 Thomas Ave
Pacific Beach
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 270-7715

The Green Flash serves Breakfast daily till 11:00, Lunch till 3:00 and Dinner starts at 4:30. There are also sunset specials that are available 4:30-6:00 Sunday through Thursday you must be seated by 6pm to get the specials.

There is great ocean front patio seating and normally the wait isn't too bad. Just know that if you arrive within 20 minutes of the sun actually WILL be waiting, no one is getting up during the suns final descent! After all they are all looking for that green flash!

The Green Flash of course has fresh fish and seafood dishes, but I am more of a red meat kind of girl. I love their Prime Rib, it is served with vegetables, bread, and your choice of rice, baked potato or french fries at $19.95. I always get the baked potato with my meat. This trip in the hopes that we would not gain 20 pounds before heading home my guy and I decided to split a meal. Of course we got the largest cut of Prime Rib and also got a large Caesar salad for $8.95. And they are not kidding when they say large. Sorry I was hungry and forgot to take a picture of the Salad till it was about gone...oops!

The Kitchen was so nice to split our plates for us, so we wouldn't have to fight over who got the bigger piece.

The wine list At the Green Flash actually has some very good quality wines and they are not ridiculously priced. Two of my favorites are the Louis M Martini Cabernet at about $22 a bottle and J Lohr Cabernet also somewhere around $24 a bottle. If you are not quite as big of a wino, they do serve by the glass also and those are about $7 give or take. I would expect them to charge more for everything considering they are right on the sand looking out at the Great Pacific Ocean...I hope they keep it that way forever!

The Green flash is also a mandatory stop whenever my guy and I are in the area, you can't beat the atmosphere, great food and the great value. I give a 5 sister rating! I am partial to the view!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Senor Grubby's
377 Carlsbad Village Dr
Carlsbad CA 92008

Senor Grubby's is more than just a breakfast place, it is a great place for Happy Hour, their Happy Hour is 7pm-10pm daily. Seems a little late, but that gives you time to spend the day at the beach a mere couple blocks away. You could even watch the sun set over the Pacific then walk on over to Senor Grubby's for their $3 drafts, or the $5 for a draft and two tacos. Tuesdays its $2 Tecate drafts ALL day!

Grubby's is a casual place where you order at the counter and they give you a number, so they can bring your food and beverage out to you. There is a salsa bar with all kinds of home made salsas and garnishes for your meal. The pickled onions were really tasty and such a pretty pink!

We were there on Tuesday for our first visit, so of course we started with a Tecate! Senior Grubby's is small, family friendly and decorated with what else? Surf and beach paraphernalia.

If you are a fan of tacos and burritos this is the place for you. There is everything from fish tacos to Cabeza tacos...if you watch Bourdaine you know what that is! (head!)

The fish tacos are crispy fried fish on a warm corn tortilla with cabbage salad and a white sauce. They also have shrimp tacos that are grilled and covered in a tangy spicy sauce, three seafood tacos are about $6.50 I got two fish tacos and 1 shrimp taco.

My guy got 3 Carnitas tacos with pico de gallo on the side (he is not a fan of onions)for $5. All tacos come on warm soft corn tortillas.

The next trip (couple days later) we were there for lunch before heading to the beach. That day the special was 5 tacos for $5. I was told by a guy at the bar that I had to try the El Pastor tacos which is a big pile of sliced pork on a pole with a pineapple on top. They shave it off the edges and pile it on tortillas with onion, cilantro and a chunk of Pineapple. For a dollar more I added guacamole. The guacamole was a bit bland, but if you add the green salsa and some salt its pretty darn good! And that little bit of pineapple adds a touch of sweat, very good.

My guy who as we know loves burritos, got the Carnitas burrito. Made with a very large flour tortilla filled with the shredded pork, pico de gallo and guacamole with refried beans on the side, for $6.85. I am told it was quite good, and the beans were mighty tasty, they tasted suspiciously like Rosarita...

And of course what is a mexican food meal without a pitcher of Tecate? We were on vacation after all! On my next trip I will have to try their breakfast, if I can get up and out in time. I give Senor Grubby's a 4 sister rating.

No Shoes-No Shirt-No Problem!

121 Liverpool Dr.
Cardiff By The Sea, CA
Open Daily 7am-3pm

I know I promised to share the best breakfast place in San Diego County...oh a couple months ago... yeah I have been slacking! Recently I spent eight days in Carlsbad at my favorite Sheraton of course. So it is time to finally share my breakfast finds with you.
First off is a place my guy and I were told about a couple years ago Pipes, and it has become a mandatory stop at least once a trip (usually more).

Pipes is a casual place that is decorated in surf posters and surf boards and surf stickers. The atmosphere is "Totally surfer dude!" I am pretty sure that tattoos are part of the uniform for the employees. They have an out door patio that looks toward the ocean, across the coast highway...

Out on the patio is where the Pipes Coffee Bar is located where you can get Lattes, Mochas, Hot chocolate, cappuccinos and espressos. They also have regular coffee and you can choose from a Kona Blend, French Roast a Kona Blend Decaf, Plus! One of their special blends (Irish Cream, Vanilla Nut, Milky Way etc.)

Pipes believes in large portions, so if you are a light eater bring a friend. My guy tried the splitting thing one time...But usually we can not agree on breakfast, his new favorite is the Burritos and they are huge! This one is the#2 with Eggs, bacon, potatoes, cheese & pica sauce in a flour tortilla only $4.95

For my breakfast I opted for the Sausage Scrambler; Eggs, sausage,avocado &cheese. Scramblers are served with Pipes potatoes which you can get topped with cheese (oh yeah!)and and an English muffin. $6.50

Pipes doesn't just serve Breakfast, they have the Pipes Burger- 1/3 lb fresh ground beef, lettuce , tomato, onion, pickle,mayo, mustard, and ketchup for $5.25 and for a little extra you can add cheese and/or bacon.

There is also a veggie sandwich (it is California!), Tuna salad sandwich, BLT&A (w/avocado), quesadilla and the Pipes Cobb Salad-Romain lettuce, topped with Chicken, bacon, avocado, cheese, tomato & onion all tossed in a creamy dressing for $7.50. Check out the website for more menu items, or surf on over and check it out your selves dudes!

I give Pipes a 4 sister rating!