Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Australian Red, Faith renewed!

est. 1861
McLaren Vale
south Australia

Remember this one? I purchased this at the Bevmo five cent sale, and have now drank both bottles, not in the same sitting...though would that really be so bad?
Back in 2000 was when I first fell in love with Red wines, due mainly to Greg Norman. To be specific the Greg Norman Cab Merlot, oh how I loved that wine! This caused me to seek out all Australian reds for quite a few years...Of course in recent years the Greg Norman wines have taken a turn, not for the better and my faith in Australian wine was lost.

Until Now! Tintara Shiraz is everything I love in a wine, including being under $2o a bottle! There is peppery spice, hints of blueberries and blackberries with a silky yet bold texture this Shiraz lingers on the taste buds. The aroma is mouth watering sensuous, the color is a deep dark red with a hint of almost black purple. This wine is delicious now and will likely reward anyone patient enough keep it in a cellar for years.

I enjoyed this wine with Pizza, and I am sure it would be excellent with a grilled steak or hearty pasta. This wine would be perfect also on its own for quality time enjoying a sunset.

Sadly the five cent sale is over (for now) and I will have to actually pay the full price stocking my wine cellar...So its just a wine fridge so far, but I have a shovel and I may have to start digging!

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