Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bartenders View

Drink of the day!

Harvey Wallbanger
(3 parts) Vodka
(1 part) Vanilla Galliano
(6 parts) Fresh orange juice Preparation Mix the vodka and orange juice in the glass, then float the Vanilla Galliano on top. Garnish and serve.
Traditionally served in a highball glass (also known ass a tall)

I was reminded of this beverage while watching "Life on Mars" a TV show taking place in 1973. Some one dear to me asked "what is in a Harvey Wallbanger?" Of course I am not sure I have actually ever made one of these...it was popular a bit before my time. Every bar I have worked in has carried Galliano (it’s the very tall skinny bottle of yellow liquor) but I am not sure any of them actually ever went through a bottle.

As the story goes this drink was invented in 1952 in California, named for a Manhattan Beach Surfer. In 1970 it was made popular all across the country when it was briefly featured on TWA flights. There are a few different stories as to who exactly invented this drink ...Of course when booze is involved, these things are hard to pin down!

Tip of the day!
When ordering a drink at the bar there are a few key things to know in order to be served quickly:
1. Know what you want before you get to the bar.
2. Have your money or credit card out and in view of the bartender.
3. Keep your eye on the Bartender, when it is your turn they will make eye contact. Clearly and quickly order your drinks.

Don't forget to tip! Preferably the green kind!

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