Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trader Joe's...lets go shopping!

For those of you lucky enough to live by a Trader Joe's you will understand what I am talking about. For those of you who don' may have to move...

Trader Joe's is my favorite place to shop for groceries, its small and everything I have tried there is good. Also it is pretty darn cheep and angles toward the healthy side. I love their vitamins, produce, pasta sauce (Trader Joe's Vodka sauce is the best!) and of course the wine!

You have all heard about the famous two buck chuck right? Well Trader Joe's is the home of the "cheap" wine...and it is GREAT for cooking, and perhaps drinking if you like having a hangover. That is just my opinion of course!

They do carry many really good wines and oodles of really inexpensive wines. I like to try out different wine varietals from TJ's first, that way I am not breaking the bank. A couple of my tried and true favorites from TJ's are the Black Mountain Cabernet $4.99, and Alexander and Fitch Cabernet $5.99. Of course the Alexander and Fitch Cab is for some reason missing in action these days... So sad, but if you find it, it is a must try!


Any and all kinds of cheese your little hearts desire! I love the Cotswold Double Gloucester with chives. Great with crackers and someday I will try it on a baked potato.
One of my other favorite finds is the Chopped Garlic, Basil and Cilantro cubes. They are perfect for cooking with. They are kept in the frozen section so they don't go bad as quick as fresh, but they still taste just as good. So very convenient.


They have banana bread mix, banana nut cereal, and of course tons of bananas right now!


Trader Joe's always has beautiful flower bouquets and they are very reasonably priced! So go ahead and buy that special someone (maybe yourself!) some pretty flowers, some great cheese and a bottle of wine and before it gets too hot enjoy your patio!

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