Friday, March 27, 2009

HOW TO.....

I just wanted to mention some things, for those of you new to the Blogging world, or even the computer world. Any thing that is underlined in an article is a link. You may click it and it will take you directly to the website named. For example, if you wanted to go check out what other fantastic things Trader Joe's has to offer. Simply click on the underlined Trader Joe's and there you are!

Also at the bottom of each page there is a link that says "older Posts", that will take you back to previous posts you may have missed if you were slacking and not checking in every day...Yes I expect you to check back every day! This is why I am working my fingers to the bone to update my blog daily!

So any other questions? Also you may write comments, if they are negative I will try to ignore them! If they are helpful....Thanks, please don't point out misspelled words and such...

Ok carry on and make sure you check out all the blogs I am following, they are good! And FREE!

I will be back soon with something more interesting!

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