Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pita Jungle....Not just grass!

A girlfriend and I try to meet for lunch every couple of weeks, and we always end up at the same place!

I think I have eaten at all the valley Pita Jungle locations and have tried a variety of menu items, from the pita pizza to the honey pasta to the portabello burger. Now I always seem to get the same thing, Because it is so good!

The atmosphere in all the locations is very artsy, and hip. The dinning room usually has a high open ceiling with duct work exposed (on purpose), the warehouse look? It does make for a pretty loud lunch, but who needs to hear their food...The kitchen opens out to the dinning room, so you can see exactly who is making your food! The wait staff all look like they are artists or tree hugger...is that PC? Who cares its my blog! I like the look, makes me want to be healthy, get a tattoo or maybe recite poetry...

Even their website is cool...Pita Jungle

First of all if you are someone who is able to have a glass of wine at 11 am (before the lunch RUSH) then by all means don't let me stop you! Its noon somewhere! I get the Cartlidge and Browne Pinot Noire, because I feel a good Pinot is the perfect day drinking wine. This Pinot has a darker color than some and a full flavor, not too fruity. Not a great match with my lunch... but who cares!
Cartlidge and Browne Pinot Noir - 2007
Sources: Monterey, Solano County, Mendocino, San Luis Obispo, Sonoma Tasting Notes: Rich baked cherry flavor and suggestions of baking spices, anise, and cola.

First off my friend and I start with a small order of half garlic dip; a puree of potato garlic, and lemon. The other half is usually the roasted red pepper hummus. If there is any chance of running into Vampires (or maybe a really nosey coworker...) during your day, the garlic dip will keep you safe for hours!

The red pepper hummus is just pretty and delish!

For our main lunch we each order the small Greek salad, not sure why its called small, its anything but! I get mine with the marinated grilled chicken breast on top. Not sure where they get their chicken breasts but they are always huge! My friend and I split the chicken. You might want to ask for your "small" salad to be put on a large plate, otherwise you will be wearing it!

The Salad is Romaine lettuce with Kalamata olives, cucumbers, lots of red onion, feta cheese and tomato wedges. The dressing that comes on this salad is their citrus vinaigrette, and it is the thing that got me hooked on the Pita Jungle in the first place. I have asked for the recipe...but they won't tell me! Of course I have practiced making it many times and I can say that the main ingredients are most likely lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano, perhaps white wine....yeah that's all I've got! I could almost drink the stuff so I get extra.

If you are looking for nutritious and delicious food, Pita Jungle is always my first recommendation. And contrary to popular belief, there is no grass on the menu...of any kind!

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