Friday, March 20, 2009

My Vacation to Tempe....From Phoenix!

One might ask why would you go stay in a hotel that is about 10 miles from your house? Well the answer this time would get complicated and in the wrong hands even possibly get me in trouble or at the very least start a fight....So we will just say my guy and I were there to scope out the place for family members who might want to come visit.

The place, Sheraton Tempe airport Hotel.
From the outside it looks like...well a hotel in Phoenix...not exciting. Even the room was pretty much your average hotel room, though it was pretty comfy and the balcony had a lovely view of 52st very romantic.

The pool was nice and clean, it had a hot tub, which goes well with beer drinking and relaxing...But I digress! Lets get to the important part!

The food! I can not even believe I am raving about the food at a airport Sheraton! But I can not say enough good things about the food, I was tempted to just eat my way down the menu. It was so good I might even go there just to eat! I know you are thinking " has the culinary grad lost her taste buds?!" Trust me I had very low expectations going into this "adventure".
Lets start with breakfast, seems logical...Some of you may know I am on a mission to try any and all Huevos Rancheros I run across. This is how I got sucked into breakfast.
The Huevor Rancheros were two eggs any style (I always order over easy) with potatoes (I skipped those, who needs the extra calories!) over two soft corn tortillas with a choice of red or green hatch chili sauce. I chose green because I was told it was the spicier of the two. On top of all that was melted cheese....ooy gooey goodness! On the side was a black bean and hatch chili mix and some fruit, So really this was health food! ;-)

All this for $12!

While I worked off breakfast lounging by the pool...reading burns calories right? I had to (yes HAD to) try the Salsa sampler. It was blue corn chips with three kinds of home made salsa. Pico de gallo (dry chunky salsa for those of you who don't speak Spanglish...) the mild one. Tomatillo (the green one) with a little tang and also pretty mild. Then there was the traditional one, the blended slightly spicy salsa. All very good! I do believe I finished it all by myself!

A few hours later I was famished....well maybe not but there was an entire menu calling my name!

For dinner I had the Guacamole chicken Pasta;

Angel hair pasta tossed in a white wine garlic sauce finished with guacamole and pico de gallo. Topped with marinated seared chicken Breast. Spiced asadero cheese and fresh lime. $15

This was SO good! who knew you could mix guac with a cream sauce!? Another option was the Vegetarian for $13.
I hear you saying...but wino... where is the wine?

This time I stepped out side the box! (not the boxed wine!yuck) I had a White peach sangria;

peach vodka, white wine, tonic garnished with lime ,lemon and orange. On the menu it was Sierra mist instead of Tonic...but you know me and my cutting calories! (do not mention the cream sauce...) This was super refreshing and will be added to my summer beverage list!

All this writing about food has now made me hungry! So for now I must go, but if you are ever in Tempe at Broadway and 52st Check out the food, I mean the Sheraton! Bon Appetite!

Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel Tempe
1600 South 52nd Street Tempe United States 85281 - Phone: (480) 967-6600

Prickly Pear


6:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Fire + Spice
11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

5:30 AM - 11:00 PM


  1. I am so going to have to try this place!

  2. We are very glad that you enjoyed your food at Fire + Spice and Prickly Pear. Your comments are so valuable when we decide what goes into our menues as well as what we decide to keep on them. Thanks for the rave reviews!