Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back in Phoenix and the weather is Fantastic! Sun shine and 70's! If only we had a beach! me and my guy decided to check out a new place.

The patio was small but relaxing with a lovely view of Old town Scottsdale and Scottsdale road.... There are certainly some interesting people wandering around in Scottsdale....If you are into fake boobs and stripper shoes business style. I forgot to get a picture of that!

The coffee could have been better and our glasses were empty alot...but the original presentation was nice.

There is an option to get your $8 omelet scrambled! I know that's not exciting to everyone, but an omelet is just too much egg in each bite! I asked for cottage cheese...after the second time I asked I finally got it. Oh yeah and my omelet was a Caprese, with fresh basil and tomatoes and gobs of melted mozzarella. Yum....But I would prefer my eggs had not so browned...could just be me.

I will have to go back on Tuesdays because that is $5 off bottles of wine! And all their wines are under $37 dollars. That sounds like a deal to me!
Ta Ta for now!

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