Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lets go to Jerry's

Jerry's Restaurant
2323 E Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016

(602) 956-2870

After eating at Denny's one too many times, having boring breakfast in an over crowded, kid screaming filled room I had to find a new place to go! Thank you Jerry's! This diner has been an original since 1966...or so they say, that was a bit before my time. Luckily they have redecorated since then, with cute diner pop art and shiny chrome back splashes. The booths are as you would expect burgundy Naugahyde lining the walls. The front windows are trimmed with black and white checker window ruffles and there is a view of Thomas.

Jerry's is not fancy or flashy, it is really good food at a very good price. The omelets are the perfect size and they are not afraid to use the cheese, and in my book that is a good thing! The sink omelet is all the important food groups wrapped in a fluffy eggs
(peppers,ham,bacon,tomatoes, cheese...yum) And you can choose pancakes instead of the hash browns and toast! These are not your average pancakes either!

The french toast is lightly golden, with the perfect not too soggy, not too dry texture. And plenty of creamy whipped butter.

The coffee is bottomless, hot and though it isn't gourmet it is pretty tasty and will do the trick!

Jerry's menu has all the usual diner food, but they seem to care a little more about the way it is prepared than most chain diners. The burgers are hand made and cooked to order, portions are just right and the service is always punctual and friendly.

So if you are looking for a casual place to eat for minimal expense (under $20 for two) check out Jerry's they are doing it right!

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