Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alice in Wonder Land

DON'T BE SCARED! So I was sitting at the Phoenix Country Club having an ice cold beer with my pal, rock star Alice cooper....Or Coop as we like to call him.....

Yeah yeah, so he didn't actually know we were having beer together...and since he doesn't drink...maybe I was it was me in wonderland, This is my story though! I love his radio show "Nights with Alice Cooper", He is freakin hilarious!

Over the past year or so The Phoenix Country Club has gone through some changes...both Political and Physical. I will NOT be getting into the Political. My favorite change though was the remodel of the "Mixed Grill". The space where men and women can eat and drink in the same space if they so choose (don't ask!).

They did a wonderful job of opening the room, adding a patio that looks out at Tee Box number 1, the 18th, and 9th hole. The patio has beautiful fans that keep the area cool (so far). Also the "L" shaped bar faces out to the patio and the great view. The room is enclosed, barely, with glass walls and floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. The bar has large sliding glass windows that in the spring are open and airy. In the wonderful Phoenix summer months we hope those windows will keep the air conditioning in and the heat out!Friday night happy hour at this bar has gone from looking like Heavens waiting room to a hopping social scene. There are people actually sitting and standing around the bar! What a concept! And you gotta love the bartender Heather! She handles these golf dudes like a pro!
As you can see The Phoenix Country club is now of Rock Star caliber, and I will no doubt be enjoy many delicious beverages on the new patio in the days to come. Heather, I need another drink!

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