Thursday, September 3, 2009

Senor Grubby's
377 Carlsbad Village Dr
Carlsbad CA 92008

Senor Grubby's is more than just a breakfast place, it is a great place for Happy Hour, their Happy Hour is 7pm-10pm daily. Seems a little late, but that gives you time to spend the day at the beach a mere couple blocks away. You could even watch the sun set over the Pacific then walk on over to Senor Grubby's for their $3 drafts, or the $5 for a draft and two tacos. Tuesdays its $2 Tecate drafts ALL day!

Grubby's is a casual place where you order at the counter and they give you a number, so they can bring your food and beverage out to you. There is a salsa bar with all kinds of home made salsas and garnishes for your meal. The pickled onions were really tasty and such a pretty pink!

We were there on Tuesday for our first visit, so of course we started with a Tecate! Senior Grubby's is small, family friendly and decorated with what else? Surf and beach paraphernalia.

If you are a fan of tacos and burritos this is the place for you. There is everything from fish tacos to Cabeza tacos...if you watch Bourdaine you know what that is! (head!)

The fish tacos are crispy fried fish on a warm corn tortilla with cabbage salad and a white sauce. They also have shrimp tacos that are grilled and covered in a tangy spicy sauce, three seafood tacos are about $6.50 I got two fish tacos and 1 shrimp taco.

My guy got 3 Carnitas tacos with pico de gallo on the side (he is not a fan of onions)for $5. All tacos come on warm soft corn tortillas.

The next trip (couple days later) we were there for lunch before heading to the beach. That day the special was 5 tacos for $5. I was told by a guy at the bar that I had to try the El Pastor tacos which is a big pile of sliced pork on a pole with a pineapple on top. They shave it off the edges and pile it on tortillas with onion, cilantro and a chunk of Pineapple. For a dollar more I added guacamole. The guacamole was a bit bland, but if you add the green salsa and some salt its pretty darn good! And that little bit of pineapple adds a touch of sweat, very good.

My guy who as we know loves burritos, got the Carnitas burrito. Made with a very large flour tortilla filled with the shredded pork, pico de gallo and guacamole with refried beans on the side, for $6.85. I am told it was quite good, and the beans were mighty tasty, they tasted suspiciously like Rosarita...

And of course what is a mexican food meal without a pitcher of Tecate? We were on vacation after all! On my next trip I will have to try their breakfast, if I can get up and out in time. I give Senor Grubby's a 4 sister rating.


  1. I LOVE Tacos al Pastor! I will definitely have to try that.

  2. The food was singularly bad. The carnitas and carne asada were way over cooked and tasted identical. They both tasted like cardboard strips with cilantro and onion. The refried beans appeared to have been scraped off the bottom of a skillet of beans that was left out over night. The chips, yes even the chips, were overcooked. The selection of salsa went from bad to worse. How a restaurant can possibly screw up on every front was mind boggling. This restaurant excels at sucking. If you are in the mood for terrible food along with abominable service, I recommend Senior Grubby's.