Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Shoes-No Shirt-No Problem!

121 Liverpool Dr.
Cardiff By The Sea, CA
Open Daily 7am-3pm

I know I promised to share the best breakfast place in San Diego County...oh a couple months ago... yeah I have been slacking! Recently I spent eight days in Carlsbad at my favorite Sheraton of course. So it is time to finally share my breakfast finds with you.
First off is a place my guy and I were told about a couple years ago Pipes, and it has become a mandatory stop at least once a trip (usually more).

Pipes is a casual place that is decorated in surf posters and surf boards and surf stickers. The atmosphere is "Totally surfer dude!" I am pretty sure that tattoos are part of the uniform for the employees. They have an out door patio that looks toward the ocean, across the coast highway...

Out on the patio is where the Pipes Coffee Bar is located where you can get Lattes, Mochas, Hot chocolate, cappuccinos and espressos. They also have regular coffee and you can choose from a Kona Blend, French Roast a Kona Blend Decaf, Plus! One of their special blends (Irish Cream, Vanilla Nut, Milky Way etc.)

Pipes believes in large portions, so if you are a light eater bring a friend. My guy tried the splitting thing one time...But usually we can not agree on breakfast, his new favorite is the Burritos and they are huge! This one is the#2 with Eggs, bacon, potatoes, cheese & pica sauce in a flour tortilla only $4.95

For my breakfast I opted for the Sausage Scrambler; Eggs, sausage,avocado &cheese. Scramblers are served with Pipes potatoes which you can get topped with cheese (oh yeah!)and and an English muffin. $6.50

Pipes doesn't just serve Breakfast, they have the Pipes Burger- 1/3 lb fresh ground beef, lettuce , tomato, onion, pickle,mayo, mustard, and ketchup for $5.25 and for a little extra you can add cheese and/or bacon.

There is also a veggie sandwich (it is California!), Tuna salad sandwich, BLT&A (w/avocado), quesadilla and the Pipes Cobb Salad-Romain lettuce, topped with Chicken, bacon, avocado, cheese, tomato & onion all tossed in a creamy dressing for $7.50. Check out the website for more menu items, or surf on over and check it out your selves dudes!

I give Pipes a 4 sister rating!

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