Monday, September 7, 2009

Always watching for The Green Flash!

For those of you who don't know, a Green Flash is a rare phenomenon that happens when the upper lip of the sun meats the horizon over the ocean. It is some sort of atmospheric flash. Of course when you spend your evening watching for it, you tend to be staring at the sun for so long that when the sun does disappear its hard to tell if its a green flash or just a green dot that floats in your vision long after the sunset has passed.

Since I grew up going to the beach in Southern California I have spent many evening watching for the Green Flash, now its more of a tradition. I have yet to say if I have actually seen it ever!
I have now discovered a Green Flash that is easy to see, has Wine and great Prime Rib!

701 Thomas Ave
Pacific Beach
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 270-7715

The Green Flash serves Breakfast daily till 11:00, Lunch till 3:00 and Dinner starts at 4:30. There are also sunset specials that are available 4:30-6:00 Sunday through Thursday you must be seated by 6pm to get the specials.

There is great ocean front patio seating and normally the wait isn't too bad. Just know that if you arrive within 20 minutes of the sun actually WILL be waiting, no one is getting up during the suns final descent! After all they are all looking for that green flash!

The Green Flash of course has fresh fish and seafood dishes, but I am more of a red meat kind of girl. I love their Prime Rib, it is served with vegetables, bread, and your choice of rice, baked potato or french fries at $19.95. I always get the baked potato with my meat. This trip in the hopes that we would not gain 20 pounds before heading home my guy and I decided to split a meal. Of course we got the largest cut of Prime Rib and also got a large Caesar salad for $8.95. And they are not kidding when they say large. Sorry I was hungry and forgot to take a picture of the Salad till it was about gone...oops!

The Kitchen was so nice to split our plates for us, so we wouldn't have to fight over who got the bigger piece.

The wine list At the Green Flash actually has some very good quality wines and they are not ridiculously priced. Two of my favorites are the Louis M Martini Cabernet at about $22 a bottle and J Lohr Cabernet also somewhere around $24 a bottle. If you are not quite as big of a wino, they do serve by the glass also and those are about $7 give or take. I would expect them to charge more for everything considering they are right on the sand looking out at the Great Pacific Ocean...I hope they keep it that way forever!

The Green flash is also a mandatory stop whenever my guy and I are in the area, you can't beat the atmosphere, great food and the great value. I give a 5 sister rating! I am partial to the view!


  1. That's beautiful and amazing! I've never lived by an ocean and never knew about the green flash! How awesome!

  2. Just FYI, I've nominated you for "Best Wine Blog" on the FoodBuzz 1st Annual awards thingy. I hope you win!! :)

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