Friday, May 29, 2009

Y'all hungrey?

If you are from or have lived in Texas, you know what I am talking about when I say Frito Pie! Those of you who have never had this totally bad for you food, are probably thinking "Frito? In pie?" Yeah that's what I said when I first moved to Texas. I have since escaped Texas, but Frito Pie and the word "y'all" have stuck with me!
Oh yeah...and that Tattoo...Frito Pie...its not really pie. This is how it starts! This is the loaded version, so if you are on a diet...just skip this one. In Texas the chili used for this pie is usually bean free, you can use whatever you like best!

My Mise En Place

Heat the chili and pour it over a handful of Fritos.

Sprinkle with cheese
Add a dollop of Sour cream.
Last but not least, Salsa! Bon Appetite Y'all!


  1. My hubby would love this.....It looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm not from TX, nor have I been there, but I have had Frito Pie ... and, god, it was good! LOL

    It was at a TX style restaurant down in Greenwich Village ... so yummy and so dangerous. They served it out of a sliced open bag of Fritos and ran the whole thing under a broiler to melt the cheese. Heaven!

  3. I love Frito Pie. My mom made a similar casserole when we were kids and then I enjoyed again at the Gretna Flea Mkt on the Westbank of New Orleans.

  4. Miranda- Not sure there is a man alive that would not like this! Thanks for visiting!

    Diva on a Diet- Love that Frito bag presentaion! and melting the cheese...oh my!

    Patty- I have been informed (by my father) That my mother also made this when we were kids...who knew! I love New Orleans, does not surprise me you found it there!