Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here is to the Divas!

The Diva's Kitchen
4030 E Bell Rd. #112
Phoenix Arizona 85032
There seems to be a lot of Divas in my life these days, and they are all appreciated! Today I was driving down the road and saw a banner with sparkling pink lettering "Divas Kitchen , Salads Wraps and Sandwiches" Well how do you pass that up?

When you walk through the doors of this little cafe, you are welcomed by the friendly Diva April Peck and the colorful atmosphere. There are book shelves all along one wall, filled with used books...this used to be a coffee bar and used book store. I guess the books stayed, and there is a free book exchange. There are Mosaic top tables and chairs with bright red cushions. In the middle of the room is a large cafe umbrella in a rainbow of colors. Out a side door is a dog friendly patio...don't forget your doggie bags...
Behind the counter are colorfull chalk board menus and a bright yellow menu hanging from the ceiling, easy to read...hard to choose just one!
I am told by the friendly Diva that the top sellers are:
From the salads; Diva Blue which is Romaine, bacon crumbles, blue cheese, dried cranberries slivered almonds and ranch dressing. Salads are $6.95

In the sandwich section its the The Blowout a six inch wheat hoagie topped with sliced turkey, shredded bacon, ham, tomatoes, romaine, mayo and shredded cheddar. Sandwiches are $6.95 and served with the daily salad.

The top selling Wrap is the Cowboy all wraps are served on your choice of tortilla in flavors like tomato basil, spinach herb or whole wheat. the cowboy is filled with romaine, cheddar , roasted chicken, BBQ sauce, corn, black beans, croutons, tomatoes and ranch. Wraps are $8.95 and come with a daily side salad with the home made dressing of the day.

There are also Divalisious coffee drinks all in one Diva size, Large. The diva-barista said I could have it as strong as I want for the one size fits all price of $3.75, I said make her strong! There is a flavored ice tea, today it was strawberry Kiwi. In a glass dispenser on the counter is the Diva daily concoction that, today was sparkling Hawaiian punch...I LOVE Hawaiian punch!

So four shots of espresso and a Diva Blue salad later I was walking out the door with a little more spring to my step.
I will need to go back to this Diva's Kitchen to try The Italian Stallion sandwich: Pepperoni, salami, shredded mozzarella, pepperonchinis, vidalia onion balsamic, onions, tomatoes and chopped romaine. How can I pass that up?

I give this little cafe a 4 sister rating...that Italian Stallion could push it over to 5! When I left I still had half my Large coffee to enjoy...until I immediately dumped it in the cup holder of my vehicle! That is NOT where coffee goes!

***Dine-in *** Take out*** Catering*** FREE DELIVERY***


  1. Thanks for sharing what appeared to be an impromptu delight.
    Lots of photos always a plus.

  2. Yum! That sounds like a fabulous place. Girl, you certainly making it hard for me to stay here in Texas. I miss AZ sooooo bad!!!!

  3. This sounds like such a nice cafe with great food! Thanks so much for stopping by and please keep in touch!

  4. Thanks Gourmet! I am all about the photos!

    Dawn- just remember 110 degrees...ick!

    5 star thank you for stopping by!

  5. I wonder why I'm so drawn to the name of this place?! ;)

    It sounds fantastic, Wino, all of it. Let's meet there for lunch!

  6. OMG! My mouth is watering, that place sounds fabulous. I will be there soon! Thanks Wino!

  7. I knew my two Divas would like this one!