Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cocktail Du Jour

I have a friend and coworker Nicole who like me enjoys a cocktail, or glass of wine now and then... Currently though she is 9 weeks and 4 days from giving birth to her 4Th child and first son! Not that she is counting... She happens to be one of the Pregnant people who will not even take a sip of an alcoholic beverage until the baby is out. Such will power!

This being said Nicole continues to get together with her neighbors for monthly Bunko parties. She does not arrive empty handed either, She is always supplying some kind of creative concoction for those who are not pregnant to enjoy. Personally I think it is a good way to get rid of the cheep booze in her liquor cabinet, before she is tempted to drink it herself!

This is one of those concoctions that I am told went over so well that as soon as she is able Nicole will be indulge in one herself!

Pregers Count down

1-2 ounces vodka or rum (whatever is in the back of your liquor cabinet)

4-6 ounces Mango/ peach juice

1-2 circles of Grenadine

In a martini shaker filled half way with ice pour all ingredients and shake vigorously. Using a strainer pour over ice and garnish with an orange or whatever fruit you have available.



  1. Beautiful picture and I love the name! LOL

    It sounds delicious and perfect for summer. Yum!

  2. Ooooh, now this is a cocktail we could use!