Friday, June 4, 2010

Wine Tour 2010....just the beginning!

My Trip in pictures.
First Stop, Robert Hall in Paso Robles-
A new discovery was made here. A vintage Port, very tasty! Also a 2007 Rhone de Robles awesome! Thanks!
My friends at J Lohr! Thank you Diane for the glasses and you were right we did break one....And Jeannette was a wonderful hostess, thanks for the great pours.
The POM and the PAU Cuvee Awesome! This winery could become a habit.
You know the story here. Thanks again Jane!

Steven Kent Winery in Livermore Valley

Great Chardonnay, if you like the old school kind. 50% Malolactic Fermentation and oak aging gives it the creamy buttery flavors I have learned to love! And don't forget the 100% Petite Verdot big flavorful red. Then there was the Cheese....Beecher's Flagship- Washington- Cows milk. A semi hard cheese with a robust nutty flavor and a slight crumble. SO GOOD!
Thank you Patti for all your help!

If you happen to stop by and visit any of my friends tell them The Wino Sent you, Cheers!

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