Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bitter Sweet...The discovery and the mission.

It is that time of year again, wine road trip! I have learned a lot since last years trip to the California wine country and this trip is shaping up to be the best to date. There is just one problem so far....
Last year I discovered a white wine that made me say "OH MY GOD!" yes, a WHITE wine... It was Concannon's Viognier, (Vee-Own-Yay) it was full bodied high in alcohol, it had honey suckle and peaches on the nose and totally made me think of drinking the juice from a can of peaches except without the sugar shock...SO good! My guy and I bought a bottle last trip... That was our mistake, ONE bottle! Ever since that one bottle I have been on a mission to find another Viognier that stands up to Concannon. No such luck.

Regions for Viognier: France- Northern Rhone- Condrieu
Southern Rhone- Cotes Du Rone, Costieres de Nimes
Washington State -Yakima and Columbia Valley
California- Santa Barbara and Monterey

This year our wine road trip has started up in the Paso Robles area and the Livermore Valley (home to Concannon). I have cash and I am ready to buy a case of that heavenly white wine! I know I can't believe I am going crazy for white....

Yesterday was the day and I was so excited when Jane in the Concannon tasting room poured me a taste of the Viognier....WHAT THE *&%$!*#! HAPPENED!? This was not the wine I remember! It was good....but tasted more like a Chardonnay/ Sauvignon Blanc was light and refreshing with a "hint" of honey suckle and peach....more like you took a white table wine and put a frozen peach slice in it...BOOOOO! 

I still love Concannon and highly recommend  the Cabernet and the Captain Joe's 2006 Petite Sirah, Awesome reds! Also Concannon has updated their tasting room and has a beautiful building. Ask for Jane, She has worked there for 15 years and is knowledgeable, helpful and very nice. There was no Viognier purchase this year...

The mission continues for a Viognier that will make me want to pray...

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