Sunday, August 16, 2009


I know I said that next we would be talking about Bottega, but when I turned on the computer this morning I discovered I had been given an award! I haven't gotten an award since....hmmmm not sure when. Moments like this make this blogging thing all worth while. Most days I feel I am just venting or talking to myself. But there really is someone out there, and you like me! What a great way to start the day. Look at my pretty award!
My friend Dawn at Fry Moments gave me this award, she and I went to high school together, though I feel we never really got to know each other back then. This is probably for the best because I know I am a much different person now than that high school girl. Dawn is a wonderful mother, talented photographer, successful gardener and foodie extraordinaire. I am proud to call her my friend. I hope you check out her blog and enjoy getting to know her as I have, thank you Dawn for my award!
Now I must pass this award on to a few fellow bloggers. Narrowing it down is going to be tough! Since starting this blog I have met so many talented people, that I never would have met otherwise.
I think my first award will have to go to my fellow Wandering Sister, The Diva Mom. She is the one who got me to do this blog, and even though she is not always on top of the posting, when she does it is truly entertaining! Just because she has two small adorable kids and a husband to manage, I don't see why she cant just hang out on the computer writing and eating Bon Bons all day....just kidding my dear! Keep up the good work!

The next would have to go to another Diva, this one was one of the first new friends to comment on my blog. I don't know about you but comments are like awards in themselves! They reassure us that someone is actually out there reading and even enjoying what we have to say. Diva on a diet at Beach Eats, is always entertaining and way more organized than I am on the blogging! I love the Thirsty Thursdays, She makes mixology really live up to its name. Also her humor is such that I feel like I have known her for years! Thank you Diva for all the inspiration!

My next award goes to Lori Lynn at TaStE WiTh ThE EyEs, her blog has inspired me to post quality photos. Her recipes and photos are so beautiful that they are a work of art. I had no idea how much fun it was to photograph food so that it makes you hungry just looking at it. After all do any of you really buy cookbooks that have no pictures? Personally I am more about the pictures than the actual instructions. Thank you Lori Lynn!

I am going to chose one more, even though all the blogs I follow or even run across deserve praise in one form or the other. After all I would not be reading them if they were bad!
Number Four award goes to Lisa Orgler at The Lunch Box Project . Lisa has a whimsical way with food, that brings back childhood memories…the good ones. This is another blog that has inspired me to try new things and to think artistically again.

I do hope you check all of these great blogs and enjoy them as much as I do. While you are there tell them The Wino sent you. Also check out all my friends that I am following, you just might find a new friend too! If you have a blog that is worthy of this award please feel free to pass it along, and let me know so I can enjoy them as well!


  1. Dear Shari - how neat! Thank you so much for the kind words. I am a wine lover and a fan of Michael Chiarello too! Best wishes for continued success with your unique blog.
    Lori Lynn

  2. Aw, Wino, you are so sweet! I'm really touched by your thoughtful comments and I assure you, the feeling is mutual! Mwah and thank you!!!!