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J. LOHR Estates Seven Oaks 2004
Paso Robles Cabernet has been one of my favorites for quite awhile. For under $20 dollars it is a quality wine that stands up to wines two and three times its price. It is a medium to full bodied wine, with a dark ruby color. The mouthfeel is lingering and velvety. The aroma has black cherry and Current with hints of vanilla and clove. I have enjoyed this Cabernet many times with prime rib or other steak dinners.

I was very much looking forward to visiting the vineyard and trying some of the wines that normally would be out of my price or shopping range. Located just a couple miles from Meridian the J. LOHR tasting room and vineyard was simple but very nice, elegant and classy just like their wines.

In 1972-1973 Jerry Lohr a farmer from South Dakota, planted his first 280 acres of grapes in Arroyo Seco appellation of Monterey County. Jerry’s agricultural roots gave him the knowledge of soil ,climate and location. Over the years, and added locations Jerry and Jeff Meier (vice president of wine making, for all of the J. LOHR vineyards) have produce many varietals that now rival the best in the world.

Diane our tasting hostess was very knowledgeable and helpful. My guy and I decided to skip the white wines this round and go straight for the good stuff, the reds!

2006 Fogs Reach Pinot Noir***
Arroyo Seco
$37 retail
With the classic Pinot Noir aroma of Strawberry, cherry and rhubarb jam. Flavors of stewed strawberries and charred oak. I loved this Pinot, I plan to enjoy it with a sight chill on it on one of Arizona’s many hot summer nights…or afternoons.

2007 Old Vines Zinfandel***
Paso Robles
$15 retail

Under twenty dollars can you believe it?! Great with pizza or pasta dishes with red sauce. This has a palate of soft plump fruit, a little spice and licorice. And the color is a deep purpley
Red (not technically a color “purpley” but I like it).

2007 South Ridge Syrah**
Paso Robles
$15 retail New Release!
This is a very dark dense inky Syrah, with aromas that are dominated by white pepper, boysenberry and dark jammy fruit. A very plump and juicy mouth feel, with hints of spice, and dried fig. This would be excellent with hearty braised meats.

2003 Carol’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon ***
Napa Valley
$42 Retail

The deep dark red color of this wine tells you immediately this is no wimpy wine! Because of the portion of Petit Verdot fruits this cab is enhanced to a higher level. The tannins are soft and finish with length. There are hints of cherry, currents and a touch of vanilla. Again, this would be excellent with a steak dinner. This one also went home with me, because we know how I love steak!

The Artistic expressions of flavor that is the Cuvee series.

2006 Cuvee Pau ***
Paso Robles
A blend of Cabernet and Petit Verdot give this a deep dark reddish purple hue. Barrel aging give it an elegant aroma of chocolate dark berries and clove. The flavors and mouth feel are complex and the finish is long and lingering.

2006 Cuvee Pom ***1/2
Paso Robles
61% Merlot and 31% Cabernet lend to the dark ruby color. Barrel aging gives this wine the complex flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla and cedar. Big and velvety this wine has a long finish.

2006 Cuvee St. E ****
Paso Robles
Majority Cabernet with a hint of Merlot this wine is a well balance and bold. (kind of like what you look for in a spouse…)Aromas of red currents and fresh ground coffee. Flavors of Dark chocolate and toasty vanilla. Barrel aging gives this wine depth and a long flavorful finish.

There were quite a few more wines that were tried, but my notes and photography at this point were a bit fuzzy…I will have to work on my organization skills while wine tasting for next time.
All in all J. LOHR was one of our favorite tastings, Between the friendly staff, great wines and the fun atmosphere I definitely give them a four sister five sister rating. I am gonna have to go find another sister!
I also purchased a great sign for my house while I was there.

Make a point to stop in to J.LOHR if you are passing through Paso Robles and tell them the Wino sent you!

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