Friday, June 5, 2009

Food for thought...bring your imagination!

For Christmas I was given a very cool book by my boyfriend called My Last Supper by Melanie Dunea , it's introduction is by Anthony Bourdain. Tony as I like to call him is my new favorite to watch on the Travel Channel, I still love Samantha Brown...but there has been nothing new....

I digress! The book is 50 Great Chefs writing about what their last meal would be, in what setting and with whom they would dine. It has photos of the Chefs in settings resembling their personality or fantasy meals some are slightly bizzare...Included arethe recipes of the final meals they would be having. Some are extremely extravagant and other very simple. According Tony, Chefs have been playing a version of this game forever. Discussing what the last flavor on their tongue would be if they were faced with...say the electric chair (probably due to some patron insulting their food and them beating that patron to death with a spatula). OK that last part was me, not Tony. Chefs can be a bit "Temperamental" and touchy about their food...and I TOTALLY understand!

My fellow foodies, food and beverage blogger, food fans, culinary experts or whatever you like to call yourselves I am curious what would you chose as your last Supper?

I struggle with my own answer, there are so many things I have yet to try and places I have yet to go that narrowing it down is difficult. Even narrowing down my favorite food is a challenge for me. Right now I would go with the simple comfort foods from childhood. When I go to bed hungry, I dream about food, what I dream about would be similar to the answer to this game.

My last supper would need to be buffet style set up on the beach at Crystal Cove in Laguna California around sunset. There would be candles and fire pits everywhere, long serpentine tables covered in candles, fruit, flowers, sea shells and beautifull linens. I would be dining with close friends and family drinking GREAT wine (no cheep stuff for my last meal) laughing and enjoying soft music, not so loud that it covers the sound of the surf. We would be lounging in comfy chairs or relaxing on large beach blankets.

The food would be home made creamy Macaroni and cheese with slice tomatoes baked on top. Large bowls of my mothers beef stew with fresh homemade french bread and lots of butter. Really good Prime Rib cooked to a perfect medium rare (by someone who knows what medium rare really is) sliced in thick slab with mashed potatoes red wine Demi Glace. Turkey and all the Thanksgiving fixings including cranberries, stuffing and green beans cooked with bacon and onion. Home made pastas with rich red meat sauces, spicy vodka sauce and cheesy lasagna.

I suppose there should be salads, probably the kinds with blue cheese and fruit involved, goat cheese and roasted baby beats. There would of course be Artichokes, marinated, stuffed, grilled and steamed. Asparagus drizzled with a warm Bur Blanc. Mushrooms sauteed with wine and garic. Since this is my dream, I don't have to go crazy on the vegetables!

There would need to be an appetiser section, like piles of really good sharp cheddar and blue cheese, some brie baked to ooy gooy (technical term) and topped with roasted garlic or even a fruit of some sort , soft spreadable goat cheese and roasted red peppers. Crunchy on the outside and soft and warm in the middle, french and sourdough breads. Olives of all colors and sizes marinated with olive oil white wine and herbs. There would need to be fresh salsa and thin crispy corn chips, and my grandmothers guacamole of course!

Desert would be chocolate cakes that are super moist, creme brulee, a variety of cheese cake especially pumpkin, warm peach pie with Blue Bell vanilla bean ice cream, pumpkin pie with loads of homemade whipped cream. Chocolate bread pudding with a creamy brandy sauce and big soft cookies in peanut butter, chocolate chip, and oatmeal chocolate chip!

Since this is dream/ fantasy I would never be totally full and would have no need to worry about my calorie intake, it is my last meal after all.

I may have forgotten something but now I am really hungrey! I would love to post pictures of this, but photography in my dreams are not alloud...

So do tell, what would you eat if it were your last meal? Where would it be and with whom? Think before you write, use your imagination!


  1. oh my, this is hilarious! I guess we would just have to say, "ditto" but add some Yorkshire pudding and See's Candy (mostly Bordeaux). love it & Tony too. bet, s

  2. Why stop there?
    Please keep going!

    Would be more about who I was with, where, and who the chefs were...
    I'll let you know.

    Great post!

  3. A friend of mine has that book and I started to look through it but didn't finish and now I want it for myself! I think my last meal would have to be the best grilled hamburgers with cheddar cheese, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and ice cream. All things I don't allow myself to eat ever! It is funny how our last meals often are comfort foods! Great post!

  4. Yorkshire pudding, forgot that one!

    I did forget to mention that all of this would be cooked by some great chefs! Probably Tony, Michael Chiarello, Paula Dean....just to name a couple.

    Teanna, LOVE all your choices! Burgers hmmmm....and Pizza! Excellent!